New Author: Nancy A Cusack

A book of nostalgia stories, and mental health wellness. Currently available at Partridge Island Publishing, Kings County Museum, Ole Foggy Distillery, and the Titusville General store.

The Moosebird: By artist Deb Perry. The first story in my book Yesteryear Meets Today is about the Moose bird.
The Indian Devil: Painting by Deb Perry. This story is about the fight or flight response, and how our amygdala responds when it senses danger. I hope you enjoy my book Yesteryear Meets Today.

The one room school house and the dunce hat is one of the stories in “Yesteryear Meets Today” .

Yesteryear Meets Today

This picture was taken in 1950 by Titusville one room school teacher, Florence Folkins. My Dad, Harold Cusack is in the middle. He and my Mom, Ruby attended the same little school in Titusville New Brunswick.