How to Build Trust

Self-care:  look after yourself.  Get the proper nutrition, sleep and physical exercise.  Without proper self-care the mind does not function at its optimal best.

Do something kind, helpful or useful for someone else. Practice doing for others everyday.  Selfless acts toward others actually builds trust.

Embrace lifelong learning. Competence breeds trust.

Make decisions.  There is more lost in indecision than making the wrong decision.   Trust yourself.  Do the research and make a decision!

Be congruent:  A match between what you say and do is critical for building and maintaining trust.

Be genuine: Those people who are the most transparent tend to be trusted the most, and are also open to being vulnerable, sharing emotions and deepest thoughts.

Have integrity:  Stand up for what you believe in.

Over- communicate: Communicate often.   Those who communicate often and well help others feel  “ in the loop” and not “left out”.

Be honest with others in a kind caring manner.

*Remember fear and faith cannot exist in the mind at the same time.  When your mind is filled with thoughts of faith, then confidence, hope, charity and trust will prosper.  Fear will have little room to take root.

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